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Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Whether on land or on sea, people seek lodgings that offer a clean, comfortable, luxurious experience. Hotels, shopping malls and cruise alike are under pressure to accommodate, and exceed their customers’ expectations and this means appealing to all their senses.

Indoor air quality is an increasingly vital issue in public facilities particularly in hotels where people live in close proximity for a period of time.

Lobbies and lifts (elevators) landing area are designed to make a great first impression that is reinforced every time a guest passes through or returns for another visit. A pleasant and memorable scent helps ensure that impression is a positive, memorable one and impacts their intentions to revisit.

Aromance® cold diffusion nano technology sanitize and scent machines and air purifier ozone sterilizer are designed to ensure an excellent olfactory experience in any small or large space, from lobbies, hallways and elevators to guestrooms, restrooms and trash compaction areas etc.

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