Our new advance cold diffusion nano technology sanitize and scent equipment with no aerosol, burning or heating of oils. Our products are specifically designed to meet with various kinds of environments and spaces, offering your premises an all new sensory pleasure.


Our extraordinary non-alcohol premium grade scents are imported from Europe in compliance to International Fragrance Association (IFRA) guidelines & safety standards for health & environment, added with our effective antimicrobial from United States to eliminates 99% of bacteria and viruses creating a great first impression thus remembering your premise.

We also provides safe effective solutions, eco-friendly air purifier and sterilizer freshening systems that eliminates unpleasant odors, haze, particles, bacteria and viruses to delivers healthier and cleaner air within your premise.

Aromance® scents are safe and eco-friendly air freshening system and chemical free air purifier & sterilizer products that eliminates home odors caused by pets, smokers, molds and other contaminants, delivering the fresh scent of your choice.

*Aromance® product is a registered trademark no. T1408946A

*Singapore Quality Brands Award Cert No. 00118

*Asia Excellence Award Cert No. 00129

*Bizsafe 3 Cert No. E34357


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