We are transparent and a great partner in taking good care of your air and environment 365 days at competitive & affordable rate.

Sanitise & scent equipment for any premises, wide coverage of air purifier & ozone air steriliser and hygiene equipment. 

We are proud that our work safety, product quality and brand are acknowledged as world class with Bizsafe 3, Asia Excellence Award & Singapore Quality Brands Award. 

  • We take pride in providing the best quality products & services.

  • We aim to provide excellent support and high level technical & operations backup within one working day. 

  • All scents are non-alcohol and manufactures to highest quality & International Fragrance Association (IFRA) guidelines compliance.

  • Our dedicated team is on hand to provide solution and assist you with your individual needs ensuring the right products are chosen for your premises.


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Customer retention, employee productivity, product marketing, cleaner air and hygienic environment

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Phone: +65 6612 0829

*Bizsafe 3 Cert No. E34357

*Asia Excellence Award Cert No. 00129

*Singapore Quality Brands Award Cert No. 00118

*Aromance® brand is a registered trademark no. T1408946A




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