• APPLE PIE UP: Lovely sweet scent which is cheering and improves appetite.

  • AGAR WOOD: Antiseptic and excellent remedy for relieving anxiety and depression.

  • BREAD ROLLS: A strong bread scent that will melt your nose and improves appetite.

  • BEAN COFFEE: Strong coffee scent that stimulates and invigorates one’s mind.

  • BLACK TEA: Smell the waves crashing to the shore with notes of ocean spray, aromatic bergamot, dune grass, and cedar. (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)


  • CASIA CINNAMON: Warm apple cider spiced with cinnamon and clove. Topped off with a subtle hint of orange peel to create this cozy and nostalgic scent.

  • CITRONELLA GEM: Able to repels mosquitoes and insects. Refreshing and relaxing.

  • EUCALYPTUS MINT: Improves asthma and upper respiratory tract infection, eases bronchitis, sinus, flu.

  • FRANKIECENSE WISE: Alleviates colds, bronchitis, asthma, coughs and throats. Helps to relieve fear, anxiety & stress.

  • GREEN BAMBOO: Capture the exotic fragrance of nature which is light & refreshing.

  • GINGER GRASS BEL: Calming & provides relief for sinus, joint and stomach discomfort.

  • KING BASIL: Helps with mental fatigue and sharpens the mind.

  • LEMONGRASS EU: Repels insects, antiseptic and good for use in open area.

  • PANDAN WAVE: Have a strong sweet and refreshing aroma which is uplifting and harmonizing, able to repel insect and pests.


  • PINE DT: A fresh forest scent which is antiseptic & produces a cleansing effect and Christmas mood.

  • GREEN TEA: Floral notes of jasmine and rose create the signature tea aroma. A soft easy-going scent for customers wishing a lighter choice!

  • SANDALWOOD CHIPS: Strong scent. Meditative, soothes nervous tension and anxiety, promotes a state of Zen.

  • TEA TREE: Anti-bacterial, cleansing and creates spa atmosphere.

  • WHITE TEA FIQ: An exotic & masculine scent which exudes mystery and creates a luxurious atmosphere. (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

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