• BLACKCURRANT: Endearing strong scent which has a sweet and sugary strong note.

  • FRESH GREEN APPLE: Uplifting fresh and sweet note. Anxiety-reducing and improves appetite.

  • GRAPEFRUIT FIQ: Refreshing and relaxing. Encourages cheerful emotion ideal for depression.

  • HONEY PEACH: Heavenly scent which is pleasing, delightful & all time favourite deodorizer.

  • LEMON COAST: Promotes cheerful, clean and pleasant atmosphere.

  • MANGO SEDUCTION: A popular tropical sweet scent which exudes a delicious & memorable fragrance.

  • ORANGE ZEE: Delightful citrus. Anti-depression and mood enhancing.

  • STRAWBERRY: Lovely sweet scent which is cheering and improves appetite. Deodorizing and eases tension.

  • SWEET DEWBERRY: Freshens the environment and counters lethargy.

  • WATERMELON: Soothes anxiety, lifts low spirits. Engaging and zesty scent.

  • YOUNG POMELO: Delightful citrus scent promotes refreshing and deodorizing effects.

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*Asia Excellence Award Cert No. 00129

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