• BALI KENZO: Watery, citrus and fresh green notes enhance the lavender herbal accord providing this aromatic blend with its rich diffusive scent.

  • CHAMOMILE TEA: Comforting and healing effects. Calm one's mind.

  • CLARY SAGE EU: Calming and sedating influence on the nerves which helps insomnia.

  • COOL FLORAL: Blend of flowers for tranquility and extremely useful for relaxation.

  • FRENCH ROSE: Sensual, relaxing and calming.

  • FRENCH LAVENDER: Relieves emotional stress and depression, calms one’s mind.

  • LILY GINGER: A pretty bouquet which brings an air of serenity to any space.

  • NEROLI CITRUS: Deodorizing, eases tension, agitation, anxiety and insomnia.

  • POWDERY ROSE: Alleviates depression tension and restores the heart.

  • ROSEMARY BLOOM: Anti-rheumatic, fungicidal and ease muscular pain.

  • VANILLA ICE: Warming, self assuring and enhances mood.

  • VIOLET BEAUTY: An earthy floral scent which aids in combating colds & rheumatic pains.

  • WHITE FLOWER: A hint of fresh floral notes mingled with a sweet and smooth note.

  • YOUNG JASMINE: Lasting scent which aids recovery, removes odor.


  • ​​YLANG YLANG: Promotes intimacy, aphrodisiac and romantic.

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