scenting & sanitizing your premises
with our aromatherapy fragrances
  • It is more than just marketing appeal

  • Create a unique retail store experience

  • Improve customer experience and satisfaction

  • Creating a first great impression last environment

  • Add a sense of luxury and capture the value of your brand

  • Work places: creating an efficient work force and reduced stress

  • Customers arriving at your premises relaxed, refreshed and revived

  • Sprint ahead and differentiate your businesses from your competitors

  • Stimulating the sense of scent and entice shoppers to attract buying your products

  • Kill bacteria and viruses in the air with antimicrobial added, cleaner air in your premises

  • Remove unpleasant odors and refresh the environment and improve your guest experience

  • A perfect ambience with aromance® goes well with lighting, sound, cozy and luxurious surroundings

  • Happier customers who feels more welcome, linger longer and remember your premises after their visit

  • More than 80 premium grade aromatherapy scents to choose from each month, transforming your premises like a brand new environment and 5 stars hotel 

*Aromance® product is a registered trademark no. T1408946A

*Singapore Quality Brands Award Cert No. 00118

*Asia Excellence Award Cert No. 00129

*Bizsafe 3 Cert No. E34357


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