Whether on land or on sea, people seek lodgings that offer a clean, comfortable, luxurious experience. Hotels, shopping malls and cruise lines alike are under pressure to accommodate, and exceed, their customers’ expectations, and this means appealing to all their senses.


Indoor air quality is an increasingly vital issue in public facilities, particularly in hotels, where people live in close proximity for a period of time.


Lobbies and lifts (elevators) landing area are designed to make a grand first impression that is reinforced every time a visitor passes through or returns for another visit. A pleasant and memorable scent helps ensure that impression is a positive, memorable one and impacts their intentions to revisit.


Aromance® cold diffusion nano technology sanitize and scent equipment and air purifier & sterilizer are designed to ensure an excellent olfactory experience in any small or large space, from lobbies, hallways and elevators to guestrooms, restrooms and trash compaction areas.


Customer experience is everything in the retail atmosphere. The sights, sounds and smells of your physical space create powerful, memorable impressions that take root at a very deep level. To neglect any one of them is to surrender a potential competitive advantage and brand difference.


There is an abundance of peer-reviewed research that documents the causal link between scent and behavior, emotion and memory. Of course, this is also common sense. We all know how we react to smells, both good and bad. As a brick-and-mortar retailer, you can’t afford to leave your clients' or customers’ reactions to chance.


Complete experiential marketing is defining successful retailers. If you’re using music and theme decorations in your retail stores or clubs, you should be using Aromance® sanitize & scent service. Your clients, customers and employee will appreciate it.


If there’s any indoor space that could benefit from odor remediation and ambient sanitizing and scenting services, it’s probably the place people go to sweat.


On the other hand, there are spas, where people go in search a luxurious sensory experience. The expectations may be a little different, but our Aromance® sanitize and scent equipment  makes it easy to exceed in either setting.


Aromance® sanitize and scent equipment and ozone air purifier & sterilizer can enhance the customer experience and inspire loyalty by canceling perspiration odor in spas, workout areas and locker rooms as well as keeping restrooms smelling fresh and clean.


Researchers from Hasselt University have found that pleasing scent impact a customers intentions to revisit.


Ambient sanitizing and scenting applications can also be extremely effective in creating a mood or promoting signature scent products such as lotions, creams and shampoos.


Every day, thousands of travelers pass through any given airport, cruise ship or even public transports. The close proximity of people and amenities such as restaurants, banks, restrooms, smoking lounges and even the vehicles themselves contribute to an intense spectrum of odors.


Aromance® sanitize and scent equipment are designed and proven to cancel odors and safely distribute ambient scent throughout large-scale, high traffic environments to create relaxing, engaging experiences that people will want to repeat.


Airport, cruise terminals and public transports can be the first, or only, impression a traveler gets of a particular place.


Travelers on cruise ships expect cleanliness and luxury. They spend many hours on a ship that is part of their overall travel experience. Scent and sanitize the air can help enhance their experience.


The right sanitize and scent the air can convey a clean, comfortable environment that helps relieve the stress of travel and lets travelers enjoy the services and amenities available to them.

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